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Cristina Adami, Italian born London based designer, talks about her works, projects, collections and much more in this interview.

 photos : Leoni Blue / styling: Hannah Oakley / Model: Tessa C – First Model Management / MUA: Lesly Vye /


1. What does it mean for an Italian designer to live and work in London?

I’ve been in London for quite a long time. I moved here when I was 25 , completed my studies at Central Saint Martins and loved every single day of my life here. Being Italian means having a strong background in traditions, culture, art , history, whereas London is a melting pot, a mix of culture and experiences that meant for me a blank canvas onto which I could experiment.

2. I know you lived in Paris for almost one year, what is the difference between these two important fashion cities?

I’ve been in London much longer than Paris and as London was a Love at first sight so my preference will always pivot towards London. Paris has a boho – chic – intellectual attitude that is sometimes missed in London, but London has the power of constantly renewing itself which I didn’t find in Paris. It might be though I didn’t have enough time in Paris to explore all it has to offer but I can certainly say after 12 years , I still find London inspiring and it surprises me every other day.

3. What or who gives the inspiration for your creations?

The best word that defines the inspiration behind my work is  “collage”. A collage of emotions, music, history, art, experiences, people I meet along the way. It’s a long process of collecting, listening, reading and experimenting , till everything comes together  just before the deadline!

photos : Leoni Blue / styling: Hannah Oakley / Model: Tessa C – First Model Management / MUA: Lesly Vye /

4. Who is your favourite designer (if you have one)? and why?

Elie Saab, Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy, Alexander McQueen.

-Elie Saab for the beauty and elegance he presents in every other collection.

-Riccardo Tisci for his cool Gothic touch.

-Alexander Mc Queen for inexhaustible research and avant-garde approach to garments.

Still love the brand even though his personality hasn’t been replaced.

5. Would you leave your freelance experience to work for an important brand?

It’s a difficult one to answer…

Working freelance means not only having freedom to work on my own project and ideas but also offering to others whatever else I’ve learnt throughout the years. I would therefore love to collaborate with an important brand while also carry on with my own project. That would be a perfect combination of learning and giving at the same time.

photos : Leoni Blue / styling: Hannah Oakley / Model: Tessa C – First Model Management / MUA: Lesly Vye /

6. What do you like and don’t like about fashion?

Love the creativity and research behind it especially if you decide to develop your own brand. I don’t necessarily like everything else that goes around fashion. I see fashion as an art rather than just a product or something to show off..

 7. What garment every woman should have in her wardrobe?

A subtly beautiful versatile dress that can adapt to every situation and turn heads at every moment.

photos : Leoni Blue / styling: Hannah Oakley / Model: Tessa C – First Model Management / MUA: Lesly Vye /

8. Three adjectives to describe your fashion.

romantic – vintage – rock

9. Has fast-fashion really changed the fashion world or not?

It has changed the perception of fashion and made it more accessible but on the other hand has reduced creativity to nothing and left designers to become a copycat machine.

10. Why women love fashion so much?

Because it makes us feel beautiful, special and gives us a chance to re-invent ourself any time we like and have fun.

11. Better quality or quantity?

No doubt quality.

photos: Becks Peters / Model: Chloe-Jasmine Whichello / MUA: Morgan Defre

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