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The designer:

A self-taught designer and the creative force behind Eki Orleans, Hazel Aggrey-Orleans was born in Germany, raised in Nigeria and educated in London where she currently resides. This diverse mix of cultures has strongly influenced Hazel’s design aesthetic as she draws inspiration from all of her cultural experiences.  The most notable inspiration comes from her West African heritage.  Growing up as a child in the buzzing, chaotic and culturally diverse city of Lagos, Hazel developed a love for bold and vibrant colours.

Despite pursuing a career in finance, Hazel nurtured her passion and natural talent for fashion design through education and tremendous amounts of hard work and determination.  It was not until Hazel was pregnant with her first child that she decided to rely on her creative ability and turn her passion into a full-time reality. So, when most mothers were taking their children to play-groups, Hazel was racing all around London with two children sorting out fabrics and sampling.

Hazel and her family have come a long way since those early days and there are no regrets, just more beautiful designs for every fashionable girl to covet.

“Having started my own fashion line and seeing it grow is what puts a smile on my face every morning”-Hazel Aggrey-Orleans


The FW 2012-2013 collection: Nostalgia

A label on a high fashion mission, Eki Orleans’ AW12 collection is one that highlights the talent of designer Hazel Aggrey-Orleans to create beautiful clothing that allows the colorful goddess in all women to shine. This latest collection is thoughtfully named ‘Nostalgia’ as the designer looked to her roots for inspiration.

During the creation stage for this collection, Hazel found inspiration in objects that symbolized music and movement. Through exploring the rich history of Africa, Hazel was quite taken with the calabash musical instrument and its importance in African culture. Referencing the sensual shape of the calabash and its melodic, mellow and earthy rhythms, Hazel created prints that are bold, feminine and in a word stunning.

Each print tells a story and coupled with the delicate draping, curve-enhancing and flowing silhouettes of the collection, Hazel has created a design narrative that invokes the feelings of joy, freedom and sensuality associated with the rhythmic sounds of the calabash. As a result, this collection allows the wearer to celebrate history in a modern, fresh and high fashion way.

For more info visit www.ekiorleans.com/


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