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Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to visit the Raptus & Rose’s atelier in Belluno. First of all I would like to thank Alice for her invitation and her time.

The location of the atelier was in the past a men’s tailor store and on top of the front door there is a big red sign saying: Sartoria.

As soon as you walk inside the store, you enter in a peculiar place as you can then see in the photos and video I took. On the lower floor there is the workshop where the garments are manufactured.

All the walls are white decorated by Raptus & Rose’s dresses and wooden closets which look like doors and windows of an old country house.

 Not only fabrics but also accessories come from all over the world

Their philosophy, as I said in my other post , is not to create anything new but to renew old clothes: you can either choose from a large selection of fabrics like silk, cotton, brocade brought from all over the world or you can have your own garment renewed.

 The upper floor

All their dresses have their own name and they hardly never make one dress like another one. They persue the idea of uniqueness.

Artistic holes in the walls as secret closets for precious fabrics

 Another thing that caught my attention was that several young women working here as tailors.

Dresses hung on the walls like paintings

The fabric of this dress was made in Finland in 1965

Cozy corner inside the atelier

The visit was very interesting and I was surprised to see how creative these women are and how many nice things you can made with “old” textiles.

Now I believe even more in the idea that women should reconsider tailors and tailor-made clothes. A post about this issue will come soon.

Enjoy the video httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZ3_IAyxxyg&feature=g-upl

For more info visit www.raptusandrose.com


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