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Here below another important and exclusive interview this time with Minna Parikka, Finnish shoe designer.  I would like to thank her for her time and her precious advices about shoes. Enjoy!

Q: How did you start designing and creating shoes?

A: It was my teenage dream to become a shoe designer. My sister wrote an article about  shoe designer Andrea Pfister and it was like a lightning would have struck me. Wow somebody can think of shoes all day. At 19 I moved to the UK  to study footwear design in De Montfort University. After 6 years of living, studying, working and partying I moved back to Finland to start up my own brand when I was 25-years-old

Q:Where do you take the inspiration from?

A: Active life. To be able to fill my days with variety and action. I would like my life to be an adventure and I want to design shoes that may lead also other women to new adventures.

Q: Do you think every shoe looks good on any woman?

A: Nobody is born with high heels on. It takes a lot of practice to master the skill of walking fluently. It takes confidence, personality and is a proper workout. Yoga and pilates are great help for wearing heels. When you carry yourself well heels are not such a pain to wear.

Q: Why women are crazy about shoes?

A: Women feel like they would have been lifted to a pedastool. Like they would be more on display. The posture becomes straight and the feminine curves show. The walking sways nicely. Women become women. This is not dressing up for men or not neccessarely for other women either but to make yourself feel attractive and good about yourself.

Q: Among all the celebrities, who would you like to know they wear your shoes? and why?

A: I love women who think for themselves. Women who stand out with even subtle details. Who don’t mind where general fashion trends are taking most of the people. I am happy when this is just a normal person, it doesn’t need to be anybody in the spotlight.

Q: Do you like any other shoe designer?

A: For example Ferragamo and Vivier revolutionized the way of designing shoes and the manufacturing. Thanks to them still today we use the same manufacturing methods that able us to wear high stilettos.

Q: How can we take care of our shoes so that they last longer?

A: Us women love our shoes and like any relationship shoes need good caring. Cleaning, storing and professional help are the key. Consult your professional shoemender how to take care of your loved ones. Each material requires different product and cleaning method.

Q: A pair of shoes that every woman should have/buy.

A: Something that they feel is an extention of their personality. Shoes that don’t follow the current trends and are not bought for any other reason than just pure love at first sight.

Q: Have you ever bought a pair of shoes?

A: I started my own line because I could not find shoes that I liked. Nowadays I only buy footwear for sports.

Q: Have you ever thought about design clothes, jewelry, or furniture?

A: Yes I have thought of it all. I want to create a universe of product that links together. At the moment I am concentrating in leather goods, it just makes sense. But who know what’s going to happen in the future.

Q: Give me 3 adjectives to better describe your shoes.

A: Adventurous, playful and bold.


Minna not only designs shoes but also purses, gloves and scarves.

For more info visit www.minnaparikka.com


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