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This post is dedicated to one of the piece of jewelry I like wearing most: earrings.  I am going to have an excursus about different kind of earrings and give my opinion about them.

I have been wearing earrings since I was probably 5 or 6 years old, now I have 5 holes. I had all my holes made in a jewellery store with an ear piercing gun even if a lot of people say it is not hygienic and it would be better to go to  a piercing store where they use mono-use needles. I don’t know also because when I had my ears pierced, piercing stores were not popular at all…

Anyway, there are many kinds of earrings like hoops, dangles, clips, studs, drop earrings, chandelier earrings and probably some other kinds. Let’s have a look at them.

Studs: these earrings are usually not very big and men often wear them too. They have a small retainer in the back to avoid losing them even if they have a floating appearance on the ears. Classic earrings.

Kate Spade

Tory Burch

David Yurman


Hoops: they are semi-circular or circular earrings and can be of various dimensions with or without charms on them. A thin wire connects the front to the back part of the earring. Uncomfortable earrings.

Kate Spade




Drop or dangle earrings: they are usually of different lengths and they drop from the ear lobe to the shoulder. Most of them have a simple hook while others have a hook and a clever to hold them tight. Elegant earrings.

Judith Ripka




Clip earrings: various shapes, various length but no ear holes needed. Comfortable earrings.

Kenneth Jay Lane


Oscar de la Renta

Chandelier earrings: big, colorful and heavy just like a chandelier in the living room. Party earrings.

Perle de Lune



Well my favourite kind of earrings are the drop ones: I probably have more than 10 different pairs. Why do I like them? Because they are elegant, sophisticated, perfect with any outfit, not too heavy, never too flashy.


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