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Celebrity favourite Heidi Mottram is renowned for her covetable bags and purses which are designed in London and made out of luxurious, exotic, eco leathers. Importantly Heidi Mottram only uses skins that are a bi-product, ensuring that the animals are not harmed for their skin and as no two skins are alike each bag is unique.

For AW12 Heidi Mottram is launching three elements to her collection. The main AW12 eel skin collection is called Strata, meaning layers, based on stratum in nature laid down by natural forces. Heidi found inspiration from the bands of different textures and colours found in cliffs and quarries to river banks, sand dunes and even the atmosphere.  Inspiration also came from nature artist Andy Goldsworthy who layers nature to form his creations. The language of nature tells a story or reveals histories – it is ever evolving yet always beautiful – just like the Heidi Mottram collections.

The collection incorporates a range of covetable eel skin clutch bags, purses, wallets and for the first time this season a Kindle/e-reader case. As always the Heidi Mottram collection comes in a striking colour palette of denim blue/dark turquoise colour, ivory, brick red, dark grey, lime green and purple.

For AW12 Heidi Mottram will be introducing an innovative new skin to the limited edition 30/50 collection with the Derma bag and purse that features the unusual and exotic Poulard leather. Poulard is a unique chicken leather which has a grain and texture similar to ostrich and emu leathers, the patterns of the grain are stunning and the skins are soft, flexible and durable.  The Poulard leather is renowned in the Far East as a luxury product but relatively unknown elsewhere and Heidi Mottram is pioneering using this skin in designing bags in the UK. The collection is limited to thirty bags and 50 purses worldwide in black and mottled grey and black and each collectable piece will come with a certificate of authentication stating the number.

The third element of the Heidi Mottram collection for AW12 is the launch of the Origin collection which includes some key basic eel skin pieces giving an accessible price point in to the brand.

The Heidi Mottram collection will be shown at Pure London at the Showroom One stand

For more info visit www.heidimottram.co.uk


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