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Spanish designer who has complete his studies in design, fashion styling and industrial pattern making at the Guerrero school and the applied arts llotja school of arts in Barcelona(Spain) Juanma Granero (Barcelona, 1978), through colour and texture, discovered fashion after delving into the applied arts.

The cuco about four years ago to provide a response to the need to dress today’s women in a personal way. On the basis of his calling, he uses the garment to reflect and independent spirit, with a dark touch that instils women witch a feminine attitude linked with an intimate culture filled with contrast. He works by starting witch volumes that toy witch metamorphosis, seeking new volumes and emphasising the female figure, one of his inspirations being, in addition to music and photography, great artistic influences, with his clothing fashion re-interpreting , providing women with a delicate and elegant assuredness. In his latest collection, he delight us with a new vision of the GLAM, somewhat more relaxed, reinterpreting the classical woman, with classical fabrics, so as to achieve the aggrandisement of texture and colour, placing special importance on pattern making, shine and the cut of garments.

He attempts to combine classics and modernity, giving it a nostalgic spirit, while at the same time rebellius and provocative. Above all, his work is not related to aesthetics trends, ethnic, through a personal point of view. Dresses and garments are based mainly on a concept of night, but with everyday practicality.

He plays at mixing textures and volumes. Everything goes, and everything goes with everything, his trump card being a style that delights women witch a taste fot detail and finishes, those who want to feel different and special without clashing. Lovers of individuality, feminine women with marked waistlines, and aristocratic appearance, refinement, elegance and an aesthetic concept are the key factors in the “juanmabyelcuco”-label.

The interpretation of classical rebelliousness. An attempt for each garment to be special, retrospective woks with past influence, giving them an individual and womanly character. Treating the garment in an exclusive manner, party wear,re-interpreting with touches of rebellion, shiny and metallic fabrics, post-modern futurism, ethnic, full of glamour with classical influence, of rock music, neutral images fill with sophistication, without going so far as to clash, volums, pleats, a well-care finish and details.


Juanma Granero presented “Aloha”, his collection for the fall-winter 12-13 at the Valencia Fashion Week.

This time his inspiration sailed far away to the French Polynesia and the Tiki world with his characteristic “Cocktail Dresses”, where the intricate patterns gave the garments a futuristic air. Leather complements and garments in silks and luxury material is convined the aristocratic look and reave style for a ecletical womenswear style.

For more info visit www.juanmabyelcuco.com


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