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Silvia Tcherassi is a Colombian fashion designer, an interior designer for her hotel & SPA “Cartagena de India” in Cartagena, Colombia and a book writer ( her book is called “Elegancia sin esfuerzo”) and now she lives in the States.

Her style has been defined by the Dizionario della Moda as eclectic, her clothes, as having the delicateness of a ballet dancer, while at the same time, the strength of a rock star.

Not only she has her own pret-a-porter collection, but also a bridal and a home collection too.

She is also collaborating with designing some incredible shoes at a very affordable prices.

I had the chance to ask her some questions and in this way we can know more about Silvia. (I would like to thank Silvia for this).

Italianist: Where do you get the inspiration from for your creations?

Silvia: Inspiration comes from everywhere. I had created collections inspired in people like Frida Kahlo or Evita, objects like a Le Corbusier chair, cities as Barcelona or Forte dei Marmi or concepts such as effortless elegance or happiness… But let me tell you, I don’t do topical collections… It’s a process more instinctive and experimental. My creative process starts with fabrics, I don’t sketch… Mine is a very free and intimate process.

I: What do you think about “fast fashion”?

S: It’s a reality and a game changer for the industry. We need to focus in concept, value, design, quality and experience in order to compete. As an independent designer, owner of a niche brand in the luxury market, I hope quality and good design will prevail.

I: What are the 3 garments every woman should have in her wardrobe?

S: A white shirt, a jean and a good pair of shoes.

I: Is quality better than quantity?

S:Totally yes. I always recommend investment pieces that perfectly reflect your personal style.

I: Originally you are from Colombia, how does your country influence your fashion (if it does)?

S: I am proud to be Colombian and Latino American.  My heritage is in my DNA and in the DNA of my brand. Sometimes is more subtle and sometimes is more evident. During the last three years I started a project working with indigenous women of the Wayúu community in the north of Colombia. I bought their traditional mochila bags and later this artisan pieces are intervened in my atelier using Swarovski crystals and Italian nastri. It’s way to give new relevance to the artisan work, being very respectful but incorporating fashion codes.

I: You have designed an hotel, are you planning to have a home/furniture collection too?

S: Last year I launched the Tcherassi Home Collection inspired in details of my collections: pleats, ribbons, etc. These extensions of my brand are also a reflection of my approach to style: casual luxury.

I: Are you planning to open any store in Europe?

S: Right now I am working in the expansion of my brand through brand extensions and collaboration projects. New stores are part of a second phase and of course the European market is one of my priorities. I am a Caribbean but my sensibility is very European.

I: Who would you like to collaborate with? and why?

S: Something beyond fashion, something unexpected…. Because the designers need to be surprised in order to be challenged in creative terms.

I: If you could dress a famous woman (actress, politician, singer..) who would you choose? and why?

S: I would love to dress Charlotte Casiraghi.

I: What kind of woman wears your creations?

S: A woman who appreciate the innovation and originality of my creations, these little details outside and inside the garments that make the difference. This woman is very secure of herself, style conscious and citizen of the world.

I: 3 adjectives to better describe your clothes?

S: Luxury, casual, authentic.

I: You are a fashion designer, a hotel designer,  a writer, what’s next?

S: I am working in some projects but I can’t tell you yet.

I: Which designer inspires you the most?

S: Many, Oscar de la Renta y Carolina Herrera for open the doors for the new generation of Latino American designers, Alber Elbaz for his vision and handle of textures, Miuccia Prada for her intellectual approach to fashion and Armani for create a totally successful branding model.

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