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Hair care

1. Moroccan oil – Restorative hair mask: this mask restructure, fortifies and nourishes your hair .

2. Kerastase – Huile celeste: this is a caring and conditioning oil. Since it contains reflective micro-particles to create an iridescente effect after spreading it.

3. Moroccan oil – light treatment for blonde or fine hair:  it reduce drying time, revives, strengthens and conditions hair.

4. Redken – Color extend sun: light conditioner, without rinse, will  protect your hair from the sun damages increasing the moisture.

5. Shu Uemura – Essence absolue: this oil will moisturize and protects your hair also from UV rays. It can be applied every day.

Various sun products.

1. Comfort zone: Sun soul tan maximizer: this sun enhances will offer an intensive, prolonged,  golden tan and at the same time will hydrate your skin. If a sun protection is needed, apply this enhancer first (no protective filter)  and then your sunscreen.

2. Clinique – Targeted protection stick: apply this stick on fragile area like eyes, lips,nose, earlobs and scars. It prevents premature skin aging.

3. Diego Dalla Palma – Sun kit program: this kit is composed by 3 creams: cellular protection sun cream SPF15,  cellular protection sun cream SPF30, hydra-soothing aftersun balm.

4. Lierac –  Bronzage capsule: before exposing your skin to the sun, it is very important to protect your body from the inside too. This capsule can be taken before and after the exposure to prepare the skin to the exposure, to protect the skin from the sun rays and to prolong the tan. Take one capsule a day in the morning for 15 days before , during and after the exposure.

5. Erbolario – Siero prima e dopo: this serum can be applied before and after the exposure. The Amaranto oil and the Kalahari watermelon pulp extract will help the skin to fight the free radical through an antioxidant action. At night time the Opuntia extract and the rice bran oil will hydrate the skin. Not only all this but also the tan colour will be more intense. This serum can be used anytime of  the year against  the skin aging.

Aftersun: one of the most important thing to do after the sun exposure.

1. Planters – maschera viso dopo sole: a face mask with strong after sun soothing and refreshing activities. This face mask will hydrate your skin and fix the sun tan.

2. Ecran – aftersun: strong soothing effect, it keeps your skin hydrated and preserve your tan longer.

3. Clarins – SOS sunburn soother: this aftersun will prevent your skin from dryness, redness, peeling.

4. Sisley – After sun care – tan extender: this cream both soothes and moistures your skin with a light self tanning effect to make sun tan last longer.

5. Nivea – latte dopo sole idratante: this cream with its light formula and rapid absorption soothes, refreshes and hydrates the skin avoiding dryness.

Tanning oils.

1. Piz Buin – tan intensifier dry oil: this oil contains Melitan which intensif the production of natural tanning pigments. Spray all over your body before sun exposure and then apply frequently during the day.

2. Collistar – Super tanning dry oil: this oil ensures a rapid and golden tan. It is enriched with vitamin E, various natural oils, it nourishes and moistures your skin.

3. Helena Rubinstein – golden beauty: protective silkening oil.

4. Coppertone – Tropical blend dry oil: it gives an intense tan leaving the skin soft and smooth. Enriches with Aloe vera and vitamin E to prevent skin aging and to fight the  free radicals.


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