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Dutch designer and textile artist Ingeborg Steenhorst combines fashion, jewellery and costume design in to one.

Adrenaline” photo by Jos Klijn

Since 2006 she presents a unique glamorous collection of hats, hair accessory and art jewellery under her own label. Ingeborg creates wearable fashion art and with her work she has distinguished herself within the international designer world. Women wearing an Ingeborg Steenhorst creation become the star of the day, looking unique, glamorous and established. Her designs are therefore very popular amongst fashionable women in business, high society, politics and showbiz.

“Black bugsy”photo by Art and Brendz


Every one of Ingeborg her designs is a handmade one-of-a-kind work of textile art. Press and fashion art lovers praise the designer for her sublime use of colour, details and craftsmanship. Her designs are made out of both new and vintage materials like antique jewellery, found ‘treasures’ and recycled fabrics. This way each of her designs covers its own unique story.

“Cherry blossom” photo by  Susan Trower

Ingeborg Steenhorst has become a master in the design of couture hats and hair jewellery. Every item is hand made with love and devotion. They are the perfect for wedding, party, gala ball, horse-racing, theatre or any other special occasion. Special within her collection are the ‘Bridal’ designs which are perfect for true fashionable women who like to be a STAR! on their wedding day. Ingeborg also dresses the flowergrils, bride maid and mother of the bride with fabulous hair accessories and fashion corsages.

“English rose” photo by Jos Klijn


Next to the hair jewellery Ingeborg designs contemporary art jewellery. She seeks for exciting combinations between exclusive fabrics, gem stones, beads and haberdashery resulting in remarkable neck pieces, collars, rings, earrings, cuffs, brooches, belts and corsets. Each design is embellished with a wide range of materials like silk flowers, feathers, gem stones, rhinestones, pearls, beads and pieces of antique jewels.

“Lotta love” photo by Rachel Rijsdijk

Ingeborg her magnificent designs are also beloved in the world of dance, film and theatre productions. She often works as stylist/costume-designer for artists and show productions. Under the label ‘I Style Stars’ Ingeborg designs jewellery, accessories and show outfits for actors, artists and TV celebrities in her own unique style.

“Purple punch” phot by Ron Stam

“Rumble fish” photo by Rachel Rijsdijk

“Lady love” photo by Rachel Rijsdijk

Wearing Ingeborg Steenhorst turns you into the star of the day!

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