Manolo Blahnik for Tous

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Tous is a Spanish jewelry company and since 1920 they have been creating a unique style of jewelry.






However, Tous proposes a full range of handbags, sunglasses, perfumes, watches and least but now last an important co-operation with Manolo Blahnik the shoe creator. Rosa Tous met Mr. Blahnik in Madrid and during their meeting his attention was captured by her bear pendant (the bear is the Tous logo) and had immediately the idea to transform his most famous Mary-Jane style shoe “Campari” into a  pendant with a diamond for the button. On Tous website you can see the pendant in gold and silver with 3 different sizes and the pair of sterling silver miniature shoes. The prices go from $155 for the small silver one to $1499 for the big gold one.










This is really a must-have for all the fashion victims.


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