Are you ready to show off your legs?

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As the days go by we are getting closer closer to summer season and our legs must be ready to be shown off. Here are some leg treatments both for night and day.



Caudalie : conturing concentrate  helps to refine the silhouette, diminish the  look of dimpled skin and donate a sensation of lightness to your legs.







Bios Line: This strong treatment can be done at home and it takes a little bit of time. The mud helps draining water from your legs and the micro circulation. For the first month apply the mud 4/5 times a week then 1/2 a week to maintain the results.








Dior: After 4 weeks of using it the dimple look of the cellulite is reduced and your body is refined and more firm. It helps eliminating the excess of fat and limit the storage of new fat.











Erbolario: This gel has been created to fight the skin dimpled look of arms, legs, hips, thighs and to refine the silhouette. Use it night and day on critical parts.












Helan: This gel with its cols sensation will help  draining the tissues  and decreasing the lymphatic stagnancy. It is perfect for summer time.











L’Oreal: use these 2 products together to obtain incredible results. The first one is the day treatment and the other one is the night treatment., They both will help draining the tissues and to improve the look of dimpled skin.






Lierac: it works immediately on your cellulite and refine the silhouette. It should be used at least for a month to see some results.










Somatoline: The night slimming treatment is useful on thighs and hips. It helps refine the silhouette, to drain the tissues and to moisture and smoothing the skin.

The sun slimming treatment helps you protecting your skin under the sun and at the sam time to drain the tissues and to refine the silhouette.






Collistar: the most selling products in perfumery stores.

Day treatment: it keeps the fluid retention under control, stimulate the reduction of adipose deposits. Day after day your skin will look more firm, tone ans smooth.

Night treatment (my favourite): it helps reducing the localised accumulations and draining the tissues.  Just a few drops every night to see your body remodelled.



Rilastil: another day & night combo treatment.

Day treatment: this gel helps the elimination of liquids and to reduce the fat deposits.

Night treatment: helps stimulating the microcirculation and the drainage.






It is obvious that these cremes cannot make the miracle but they help a lot if  used correctly.  I have used several of these treatments in combination with a diet and/or at least half hour walking. Then you will see some importan results on your legs.

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