Unic+A – South Korean brand with an Italian twist

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Unic+A is brand name created by separating and recombining the Italian word, UNICA, which means ONLY ONE or UNIQUE and adding a feminine touch to it.

Unic+A intends to unveil its unique style by mixing two or more concepts, details ,textiles, etc or applying a storytelling method to a newly create situation based on the insertion and a variosu experiences of the Seoul-based designers Yoon.

She was exposited to fashion, art, and lifestyle while living in Milan, Italian’s fashion capital and the beautiful island Sardegna.

This 2023 Spring-Summer Theme is “The flower” as you can see the Graphic “All you need is flower”  on T-shirt. 

I made the European style Flower Print (100% silk shirt print), flower appliqué. And every print on the T-shirt, I made by myself ->the Graphic Design, Graphic Cutting, Heat press Progress on T-shirt etc. 

And mostly I use cotton 100% for the T-shirt and Shirt. 

For more info vist www.unica.co.kr


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