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Our Q&A with Marianna Klimaszka the designer and founder of the new jewelry brand Raw Flow Jewelry.

Q. : When and how did you start your brand?  I’m actually just getting started. It has only been a few months since I’ve been devoting all my time to Raw Flow. 

Q.: What’s your background? I graduated from a secondary school of artistic crafts, after which I have a jewelery diploma. I did my MA at the Institute of Artistic Education in the sculpture studio of Maciej Zychowicz and Grzegorz Gwiazda. 

Q.: Where do you take inspiration from to create your jewellery?  I love to explore 2 themes – texture and construction. The love for them stayed with me after the sculpture. For me, they are a physical form referring to divagations about existence. So basically everything is an inspiration. 

Q.: If you could collate with another band, who would you choose and why?  First, I would have to have a hard discussion with my introversion. I love working alone. If I had to point out who I would like to work with… there are plenty of great artists whose art (not only jewelry) I admire. It’s hard to pick a few people. However, sometimes I think it would be great to create something big with a group of people. I mean more an installation with jewelry as an integral part than as just jewelry. 

Q.: Can we say that jewels can be sustainable? Depends on what kind of jewelry it is, what is it made of, is it mass produced or is it single pieces, where do the ingredients come from, how it is packaged… We can certainly try to make it as sustainable as possible. My jewelry is mainly made of silver, natural materials. I buy materials regionally. I buy silver in a reputable shop. I try to buy stones in small companies from grinders. I also use old jewelry that no one wanted to wear anymore. I pack it in recycled or recyclable packaging, no use of plastic. 

Q.: How do we take care of your pieces once we start wearing them?  Personally, I don’t do anything with the jewelry I leave for myself. I enjoy every scratch, patina, darkening of the metal. I love jewelry that shows that it has a story. If, on the other hand, you like fresher jewelry all You have to do is to wipe it from time to time with a polishing cloth. I mainly work with silver and brass. Both metals age beautifully, but they also look gorgeous when polished. 

Q.: Have you ever thought about design other things besides jewels?  I used to draw illustrations and covers for books, album covers, etc. I also love sculpture and although I consider my jewelry to be small sculptures, I hope that someday I’ll have the opportunity to sculpt something much bigger. 

Q.: Have you ever taken part to any of the jewellery weeks events around the world?  My introversion always wins here… 

Q.: Does Poland have a jewellery traditions?  Difficult question. My country has been invaded many times, our culture destroyed. In 1795, Poland disappeared from the map for 123 years. We did not officially exist as a country. Then Hitler and Stalin did what they did… We are currently quite a divided nation, undergoing many changes. I think different people could answer this question differently. Personally, I think that tradition, also in the symbolism in jewelry, should be sought in the Slavic culture, before the Christianization of our territories, i.e

The new online store will be open from January 2023

For more info visit the IG account @raw.flow.jewelry


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