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María Clè Leal is formed by a multidisciplinary team of creative and restless minds that support the timeless and versatile design, as well as the passion for research and constant learning.

Maria Cle Leal

We present our collections without following the dates set by the fashion industry, betting on signature design, limited collections and numbered editions. Therefore, we produce on demand.

From the firm, we embrace tradition to adapt it to our reality and we look at the world from a perspective of kindness, sensitivity and respect. We meticulously choose our materials, always respecting their nature and we collaborate with small ateliers that share our same vision.

Always in search of excellence, handmade details are present at every stage of the process, ensuring each piece is unique.

Our inspiration comes from simple, everyday moments and we rely on fabric to tell our own story through it.

María Clè Leal, the creative director, is a tireless hardworking woman in constant evolution. She is like no other capable of moving us deeply with her work. We have seen her innovate through the simplification of lines and the creation of garments that are both infrequent and timeless.

Prestigious fashion editorials: Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, Neo2, Yo Dona, Vanidad or Grazia, among others have been for more than a decade echoing her evolution, excellence and good taste for detail.

For the last four years, María Clè Leal, together with a technological centre and an agricultural association, have launched a project that has been financed by the EAFRD (European Union). This project entails a new approach; a line that opts for a concept in which tradition and innovation meet and coexist. It is an enriching and full of value experience that is directly linked to what the word fashion means to the brand. The core of everything is a noble material: Latxa wool. It is a primitive, natural and high quality fibre that we as humans have worn for many centuries. It protects us and keeps us warm. It means home and it brings us back to our childhood and its wonderful moments.

LATXA is an initiative that aims to transform the way people see and make use of fashion nowadays. Our main objective is to create garments made of our innovative fabric that are made to last and that those who come after us would inherit. The entire process is kept within the Spanish territory, thus promoting the strengthening of our local economy and reducing the carbon footprint.

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