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The founder of Katla is Aslaug Magnusdottir who is an Icelandic businesswoman and entrepreneur. She also is the co-founder and formed chief executive office of Moda Operandi, TSM Capital and Tinker Tailor.

This is the Aslaug’s message to introduce us to Katla’s world: “At home, in Iceland, sustainability is a way of life. Our country is backed by an ethos of conservation and respect for the natural world that champions real environmental progress. Meanwhile, despite all of the buzz around sustainability in the fashion industry, I was familiar with few brands that were holistically trying to reduce the impact of fashion on the environment and I knew new systems needed to be created for long term change”.

Inspired by Iceland’s commitment to sustainability and my years of experience in the industry, I set out to be that change. Enter, Katla. Launched in 2020, I founded Katla with the goal to develop a blueprint for a new and different way of creating fashion – one that minimizes our impact on the environment, while offering beautiful timeless essentials that consumers want to wear again and again. Today, we make fashion that offers comfort and Nordic inspiration with sustainable appeal.

Our Icelandic roots is where we draw our design inspiration, as well as materials (hello, seaweed) from the country. With a commitment to vegan materials, always sustainably sourced, we protect people, animals and the environment in the process of making our fashion. To further minimize our impact on the environment, we order small production runs and create most of our items made-to-order to ensure our clothes never go to waste. And we do it all with the lifestyles of conscious consumers in mind.

With every stitch, we create for your future and take important steps towards industry progress and change. As we continue to grow, it’s Katla’s promise to continue to see beauty through nature. Katla is a fashion brand, but above all it’s a vessel for change.

With every stitch, we create for your future and take important steps towards industry progress and change. As we continue to grow, it’s Katla’s promise to continue to see beauty through nature. Katla is a fashion brand, but above all it’s a vessel for change.

The way we make our clothes says everything about who we are. We design with meaning. We select fabrics with thought. We innovate with intention. We partner with purpose.

It’s no secret that fashion has a waste problem. That’s why, we design with meaning in a way that is as beneficial to you as it is to our planet. Starting with timeless clothing styles, we create high-quality, lasting garments made for conscious women to wear often and to keep always. Next, we embrace a zero waste philosophy and operate with a mix of small production runs, and made-to-order manufacturing to ensure we only create clothes that will be used and cherished by real customers. The result is inventory that never goes to waste and personal purchases that stay out of our landfills for a happier environment.

Behind the clothes we make are a group of friends who share our purpose and who turn our fashion vision into a reality. They are our domestic and international manufacturing partners in LA and Arizona, as well as in Europe, recognized for their know-how, their approach to sustainability and their respect for high ethical working standards. We make it our responsibility to collaborate with awesome people who care about the safe and fair working environment of their teams, as well as their impact on the planet.

We blend innovation with transparency to offer a unique tracking number on the exterior or interior label of each item we sell. With this unique tracking number, customers can enter it on our website to learn all about the origins and history of their item. It’s our way of connecting consumers to the clothes they own. As they learn the story behind the fabrics and the people who made them, we hope to show the true intention behind the clothes we wear.

To create beautiful, timeless fashion with the least environmental impact, we thoughtfully-source fabrics and materials that respect the environment. To get there, we work with leading sustainable fabric suppliers from around the world and we set our standards high — as should you. When considering materials through the lens of sustainability, we are able to find innovative solutions that are natural, biodegradable and made from renewable sources. Starting with the materials we choose, we weave sustainability into our business.

Designing change starts with all of us. To help eliminate waste and the number of garments that end up in landfills, Katla offers an easy recycling program where you can safely and sustainably discard your clothes. Simply send us the Katla items you won’t wear anymore and you’ll even receive credit towards your next purchase. We also pay for the return shipping, so there’s no excuse not to recycle!

Katla works with the leading suppliers of vegan and environmentally friendly fabrics around the world. Our core fabric categories are organic cotton, recycled ocean fishnets, seaweed blends and vegan “silk”

For more info visit katla.com


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