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ROOM was founded in 2016, with the idea of deconstructing home design and blending it with fashion.

With the aim to build a business that values craftsmanship, quality and exclusivity, ROOM was built on a concept of a house with the idea of taking home with you.

The brand found the aesthetic for their collection by studying the archives and values of objects and furniture.

Pillow sandal was launched in 2017, the core concept of the brand Room, it was designed with a meticulous proportion study between its straps and materials.

The sandal is extremely comfortable and that is why it is named pillow. It is a singular object to be used on any occasion. The sandal is produced in leather, it has a double strap with padding of acrylic blanket, a rounded toe and non-slip sole.

The designer behind the brand is Simone Nunes. Since 2002, she has dedicated her talent and creativity developing her own brand and collaborating with relevant companies in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

She took part in the fashion week in São Paulo, Madrid and Mexico DF and in 2007 she was among the best 100 designers in the world by the Phaidon book: SAMPLE.

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