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Abilmente is probably the most famous DIY Italian craft fair which takes place two a year – March and October – in Vicenza and recently also in Rome.

I have been attending this event since 7-8 years and every time I like it more and more event if I am not a DIY person. The atmosphere is always very engaging and vivid. This is also a good idea to go with your friends to spend time together.

This year the March edition was cancelled because of Covid while the October one was organised perfectly respecting all the safety measurements required by the Government.

Of course there were less exhibitors and people but I think it was such a great sign to have organised it. This edition lasted 5 days instead of 4 as previsions editions and the tickets were sold only online to avoid gathering. Everything went smooth and I am glad I visited it.

At Abilmente all the visitors are taken care because you can buy raw materials and components to create your own things, you can buy finished products and also you can attend one of the many courses to learn to make something yourself.

I believe that the courses are very important because not only you learn something but also you understand more the meaning of hand-made things and you can appreciate them even more. Handmade products are a mix of know-how, time, effort, mistakes, tests, handicraft, creativity and much more. So I suggest everyone to attend a course and try to make something yourself.. it feels good afterwards.

This year I attended a bijoux course where I had to make my own tree of life pendant with beads. In the photo here below you can see the tools I used to make the pendant and then in the other photo the final result.

Every year Abilmente proposed thematic art installations and exhibitions like the patchwork exhibition showing how you can reuse and rags and cloths. Then there was the Save the Bees installation entirely dedicated to the bees who are smallest beasts play an important rule in our ecosystem. And the installation on how to learn and test theoretical geometric concepts and play with math sequences using threads.

Another very interesting are was the Cucito su di te – dressmaking lab where you could experience the art of making your own clothes helped by creative thinkers from the sewing and DIY fashion industries. In the photo here below an outfit created by Studio Komodo.

See you next March in Vicenza!

For more info visit www.abilmente.org/it/


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