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Exclusively interview with Carolina Peano founder of Delresto fashion brand.

Q: What is the relationship between math and fashion? An ancient one. Since the ancient Greeks, certain ( mathematical) proportions has been identified as representing canonical beauty. The same proportions ( Golden Ratio ) were not only used when building temples or structuring cities but also to state and describe aesthetical perfection. We know that certain relations between specific numbers are read by our brain as ‘beautiful’, and if fashion aims for a search of that beauty and to a commonly perceived style, in its proportions, cuts and shapes we can trace back mathematical references, even if we might not be fully aware of it. 

Q: If you wouldn’t have become a fashion designer, what was your plan b? I would have loved to live close to nature. To be able to slow down rhythms and live in a more simple way. I love animals too. It as always been in my mind, maybe one day. 

Q: These days everybody talks about sustainable fashion, what is your opinion about it? I think we should have way more respect: towards each other and to the planet we live in. I pride myself in choosing small manufactures and local realities to produce my garments and working for the future collection with sustainable and maybe recycled materials. It’s a complex and very expensive choice; it leads to a very high quality result, not always unfortunately recognized. 

Q: If you could collaborate with another fashion designer, who would you choose and why? Mr. Cuccinelli. Rarely someone has been able to combine in a such perfect way, creativity, respect for the local realities, fashion and a true innovative vision. Fashion should add value to any stage, from the production to the final customer, and I think they perfectly nailed it. Furthermore the product is undoubtedly superior and I think there’s huge margin to increase creativity, so would be a dream to be able to participate to it. Many brands have products and styles I love but few work in such responsible and creative way. 

Q: Where do you take your inspiration from? From what I would like to see and I don’t find. From my mother’s colorful looks and my father’s trips around the world. I have also a strong fascination towards the formal purity of Japanese aesthetics’ and the elegance of the Art Deco in the 20s. 

Q: The garment all women should have in their wardrobe. Call me boring but shouldn’t be missed a white shirt, a high heel and some colorful accessory or overcoat. I am convinced that elegance is pertinence to the situation and these items can really work almost in any situation. 

Q: What are your fashion future plans? Expand in different market and work on a sustainable growth that can include small artistic realities. And maybe add a few categories. 

Q: Three adjectives to describe your brand. Bold as the colors I choose. Elegant, that is my aim. A little crazy as me.

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