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THINGS I MISS Conscious concept.

Things I Miss is an instinctive world of bodies and forms, life and narration. A strong vision. Passion. Authenticity. Design with a great deal of patience and a conscious concept. It’s a journey, an awareness-raising mission that, at the same time, offers uncompromising style and wildness as well as sensuality and passion. They believe that fabric is our second skin and the co-existence of body, fabric and space is an exciting story. An inspiration. They believe in the sanctity of the creative processes and in the love that goes into creating every special piece, every special concept and every special form within interesting and unique projects in different fields and narrations; from the art of a ‘second skin’, the stage, architecture, exhibitions to the installations.

Body and space. Passion and devotion. Honesty and authenticity.

Wild but elegant. Primal but unique.

The main heart behind Things I Miss brand is Tina Princ. A creature of passion, profound thoughts and wild imagination. Like her creation, she also has a beautiful duality. She has a practical, focused and down to earth side that is manifested in her Zero-waste line – a simple black and white line of clothing cut out of the finest organic material. Then there is the whimsical, wild, passionate creature with curly hair that envisions giant bags made out of textile made from pineapple leaves’ waste fibres and clothes crafted from the ever-changing raw gauze. She takes a piece of fabric and transforms it into a piece of poetry that holds on to you wherever you go. She inspires everyone around her to pay attention to the world and teaches them the real importance of sustainable clothes. Then she smiles about art, music, words, emotions, fleeting moments and finding your rhythm and at that moment you just feel how intertwined she is with everything she creates. The beauty of her heart is felt in every piece she makes and once you realize it you can never go back to being boring or ignorant.

Our vision is strong and our path very conscious.

The brand was recognized by the media as one of the top 10 sustainable brands in the world after it was presented at an online sustainable fashion event in London in 2016. It is involved in different movements and platforms with the mission to change the attitude towards clothes and fashion, towards fabrics and materials, towards sensibility of living here and now. The brand is an evolved tribe that stands for extraordinary style with conscious participation in life and against damaging people, plants, animals and our beautiful planet. By signing the Global Fashion Agenda’s 2020 Circular Fashion Commitment along with 143 global fashion brands, Things I Miss’s vision pledged to gradual change in the processes of creating and existing with the focus on the circular concept. The Things I Miss vision is to build business and creative relationships within different and unique sustainable projects. Consequently, they create unique forms of co- existence with different art narrations, exhibitions, selling pop-up events, creative tea times and other formats.

Things I Miss content and vision was recognised also by the Wallpaper* magazine.

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