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Concept of Nastya Nekrasova’s brand  

The development of art never goes smoothly. It is a leap and revolution, with the denial of everything that was before.

Two historical basements coexist organically in our brand. It is a break, chasm, edge and a line between avant-garde (new) and classic (old).

Ultramodern clothes, decorated by ideal but totally classical sculptural fragments as if they came from the past and didn’t have enough time to be demolished or disappear forever.

Combination of avant-garde and classics peacefully coexist as a random “Utopia” or ”Never -Never ”— unrealizable dream that is materialized in our clothes.

The AW 18/19 collection

“Never, never” is a collection , in which classic flows into modernity.

The decor and accessories are in 3D-print; there are smaller copies of fragments of the monuments of ancient architecture. Dominated by minimalism. Due to the asymmetry and multilayeredness, rectangular and oval silhouettes look complicated and different.

In addition, designer advantageously combines different textures. Almost all of the clothes — transformers — are in harmony among themselves. For decoration, Nastya Nekrasova used wide tape, sleeves of epaulets and designs from woolen threads. The main colors: black, white and gray, are perfectly combined by yellow and red elements.

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