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My pick of the day this time is this long coat in jacquard fabric designed by Manila Grace. Yes, I have to admit that I am obsessed with coats, blazers, jackets, trench, and overcoats.

This coat in jacquard fabric will enchant you with its delicate floral fabric and the elegant charm it will give all your outfits. A blend of allure and femininity to wear on special occasions.

Here is an idea of how you can wear this long coat: either paired with pants or with skirts. You would look outstanding either way.

I am deeply convinced that it is always  good idea to spend a little bit more on a coat rather than other garments just because the coat is the first thing you notice on a person. So the more you spend the better the visual result is.

Buy less but spend better.

For more info visit www.manilagrace.com


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