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Hanna Fiedler is a London based womenswear brand founded in 2017 by German born Hanna Felizitas Fiedler.

The brand creates high quality, contemporary designs with a focus on cut and construction. The main inspirations behind the collection can be found in nature. All pieces thrive to mimic the sense of balance and beauty that can be found even in the roughest and most unusual aspects of nature. Hanna is a London College of Fashion graduate with a background in pattern cutting and traditional bespoke tailoring. While continuing to build her brand, Hanna is working as a freelance womenswear designer and creative pattern cutter in London.

Exclusive interview with Hanna Fiedler.

Q: What does fashion mean to you?

That is a very broad question but I will try to answers best as I can….actually it might be better to explain, what fascinates me about fashion. I have a passion for great products and fashion is an industry that creates products, that make me dream. There are and have been so many great designers and artisan that arge pouring all their skill, energy and creativity into the creation of a garment or design. Fashion can be a casual t-shirt as well as an haute couture piece with intricate embroidery. They arge art as well as sweaty gym clothes. Garments arge so close to us, that we sometimes don’t realise how significant they are to our life. We wear textiles almost 24/7 on our skin. We all have had terrible experiences with an itchy fabric and probably also an experience with a garment that we never wanted to take off again. Clothes can literally transform the way we move, feel and look. They become almost a part of us and our life and accompany us though our daily life and significant moments all the same. Just like music the can store memories and emotions. To have the chance to create a product that becomes part of another humans life, becomes part of their memories and is one day maybe even handed down to their children, is an incredibly beautiful feeling.

Q: Who or what gives you the inspiration for your collections?

I started to notice, that two themes are almost always present in my work: Nature and Culture. I grew up in the country side and nature remains a huge inspiration and fascination to me. It helps me to calm down, recharge and it never fails to amaze me with its beautiful colours, creatures and sheer force. The other topic which inspire me greatly are the different cultures and their history. I love to research into foreign countries with their traditional costumes, aesthetics and crafts. Traditional costumes are incredibly rich in details and often crafted with with an abundance of patience and skills. I love to look at these details, the construction, silhouettes and their purpose….

Q: What do you think about fast – fashion?

The older I become the more I become aware of the issues we are facing when it comes to fast fashion. I try to improve my behaviour as a consumer every day and also aim to provide alternatives as a designer. The problem is that the design, development and production of garments is time consuming and often requires great skills and experience. All these things are not easily achieved or cheap. There is always a price to pay for it. If we as the consumer don’t pay this price, someones else in the process of creation had to. In a culture where many people have never sewn or kitted any garment it is easy to forget how much work goes into the creation of clothes….

Q: If you could collaborate with a famous designer, who would you choose and why?

It is almost impossible to name one person or brand, as there are so many talented and incredibly creative designers out there. If I had to chose I would probably name Chanel. I would love to work with their team and paraffection subsidiaries. Chanel supports and buys traditional craft ateliers in order to preserve their knowledge and secure their survival. Working with and learning form these artisans would be a dream!

Q: Which is the garment every woman should have in her wardrobe?

A garment that makes you feel like yourself! Something that has a personal meaning to you and that you could wear every day. A closet, that is full, but you feel like you have nothing to wear is a sad but often very true story! So make sure to invest in pieces that make you dream and that you rather never take off. I have a coat that I found in a vintage store. I couldn’t wait for the days to get colder so I could finally wear it again. We are sometimes so focused on finding the next new thing. However, I realised how much more joy I started to have with my wardrobe, once I found or created garments that I want to wear every day and forever.

Q: Tell us more about your collection “Tectonic”

The collection, as the name already suggests is inspired by tectonic plate movement. This phenomenon really captivated me, as it´s sheer force shapes and moulds the surface of our planet. It is responsible for all these beautiful shapes and surfaces but also for deadly volcano eruptions and earthquakes. On a trip to Iceland I was able to deepen my research into this topic and really experience its effects in a very visible form. Iceland is one of the youngest landmasses on our planet and it is still growing, as it is situated right where the european and american plate are drifting apart, creating new soil as they do so. The textures, shapes and colours of Iceland had a deep impact on the collection. Solid rocks,  created by lava flowing downhill, still seeming fluid today. Mountain ranges folded up, but still carrying sea shells in them. The soil ripping open creating new surface in between and leaving a trench behind. All of these images fascinated me and I tried to translate its intricate and unique beauty into the construction and textures of my garments.

Q: Three adjectives that better describe Hanna Fiedler’s style

Modern, timeless, attention to detail

Q: What do you like designing most? clothing or accessories?

I have the most experience and knowledge in the making of clothing but accessories is definitely something that I would love to design when the time is right. I am extremely picky when it comes to shoes and handbags so I think it would be a great experience to create something that is exactly what I envisioned and what I was looking for.

Q: What is your opinion about bespoke or tailor made style

My very first steps into the world of fashion where as a bespoke tailor. I trained for three years at the Berlin Opera Foundation as a women bespoke tailor. I therefore have a great appreciation for fit, quality and the craftsmanship of the trade. In order to feel and look good a garment should fit. So I think it is more than worth to invest into bespoke garments and it allows a customer to have something created that is completely unique and meets their needs perfectly.

For more info visit www.hannafiedler.com


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