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One day a woman had a dream, others joined her, and Josefinas were born. Josefinas is a Portuguese brand born from a dream. In a country in crisis, where there was little room for dreams, making handmade shoes had a new name: Josefinas. In Portugal, there is something that has never died: the savoir faire of craftsmen and the passion for an idea. ‘Never give up’ has always defined Josefinas’ path. The name Josefinas was born in honor of Filipa Júlio’s grandmother, the brand’s founder. Grandma Josefina always made Filipa’s life a special adventure, especially when she took her to ballet class. We hope that the Josefinas story inspires the path of many other women, straight to the realization of their dreams, just as it inspires us daily!

Chiara Ferragni wearing Josefinas limited edition

All about that sneaker style you keep seeing on Instagram: You’ve likely seen it, because it’s every fashion lover’s favorite sneaker. Sure, sneakers are a thing right now, but there’s a certain style women can’t stop sharing on social media. The kicks featured in hundreds of Instagram posts are Josefinas’ Thelma & Louise sneakers. Why? Because women’s power inspires fashion and fashion is a vehicle of women’s empowerment. This is the founding principle for this digital luxury brand that believes in transforming shoes into symbols of women empowerment.

#ProudToBeAWoman: “it’s not just a pretty and fun shoe; it’s a movement

Josefinas empowers women through shoes. According to Maria Cunha, a proud Portuguese entrepreneur of 41 and self-proclaimed feminist, Josefinas is the “only luxury shoe brand born with the purpose to inspire and empower women”. Three years ago, Maria Cunha – along with two female business partners – started Josefinas with the dream to inspire other women to follow their own paths.  Now they are taking it further, helping other female leaders grow their businesses and supporting individual women in need in Rwanda. “Our DNA is comprised of three core values: savoir-faire, WOW customer service and women empowerment. We are guided by these values, in everything we do. We know the importance of sending a message that inspires, empowers, supports and helps transform the world into a just place for women. We aren’t just making pretty shoes; we’re creating a movement” says Maria.

This vision is galvanized by women who have a great impact on improving the world – this is where Josefinas finds inspiration. The Josefinas sneakers seen all over Instagram were inspired by the lead female characters of the iconic 90’s movie Thelma & Louise, who represents the invincible power of women’s friendship and the quest to break free from conformity.

The #ProudToBeAWoman movement is growing, counting over one thousand shares on Instagram for the Thelma & Louise sneaker alone. The movement has garnered the attention of clients, fans, top fashion influencers and magazine editors, who have joined themselves. Top fashion influencers Camila Coelho and Chiara Ferragni; it-girls Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo; and Chief Content Officer at Hearst Magazines Joanna Coles are among the fashion personalities that proudly wear Josefinas.

On the front line of women empowerment and with an ethos like very few fashion brands, Josefinas is led by the mantra “business needs meaning and purpose; ours is to empower women!”.

Suffragist Collection


We believe that everything we do must have meaning.
We believe that by helping a woman, we’re contributing to a better and more just world.
We believe that a handmade product has unparalleled magic.
We believe that life is an imperfect journey.
We believe that there is no dream that can’t be realized.
We believe in the power of women.
We believe that no is never a final answer.
We believe that a more feminine world will be a happier world.
We believe in change, and in the power of change.
We believe that our customers are the best in the world.
We believe in a world where pink can be worn by everyone.
We believe in gratitude.
We believe in defending everything we believe in!

Pink Power Collection


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