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From Saint Chamond France, to Oakland New Zealand, to Brooklyn New York: the present day Manufacture Pascal Company is an homage to Louis Xavier Pascal, the sisters’ great, great, grandfather who founded Manufacture Pascal in 1854 in Saint Chamond, France.

The company back then specialized in textiles and belts. Louis Xavier had eleven children and sent his first son Claude to England to hone his skills and expertise for the world’s best materials. Claude, intrigued by the finest of wools then journeyed off across the world to settle in New Zealand to further study the unique wools there.

Claude found many local textile treasures and convinced two of his brothers, Louis and Jean Baptiste to join him in his adventure in New Zealand. The three brothers worked closely with the local Maoris who introduced the brothers to a local vegetal textile wonder: the flax (close to the hessian fabric).

Manufacture Pascal was operating in New Zealand, specializing in wool and flax and was carefully breeding its own herd of sheep for production. The three Pascal brothers also developed a rare passion for racehorses on their farm and quite quickly became known on the island as the very best racehorse breeders in the country.

This Manufacture Pascal collection made in Brooklyn is a creative expression of both their passion for extraordinary textiles and fabrics as well inspired by their favorite racehorses: Flingot, Mascotte, Kodara and Lady Officer.

Following the Pascal traditions of sourcing local top produce, they are proud to work with American vegetable tanned leather sourced from the best leather producers in the USA such as Horween Leather. Companies that work with traditional techniques, dating over a hundred years. Most recent developments in leather tanning are all about cost and efficiency; but Manufacture Pascal has other priorities.

They’ve been using only the highest quality and naturally tanned leather since it was founded.

The Pascal sisters design all their bags in their atelier in Brooklyn and work with local artisans in New York City who handcraft their leather bags one by one according to their unique designs and old manufacturing traditions.

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