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Aletheia is a women luxury shoe brand conceived by the eclectic inspiration of the Venezuelan designer Diana Carolina Yanes who conveys her unique sense of modern elegance in an experimental approach to materials, shapes and colors to provide a range of possibilities. Through a constant process of materials research and experimentation with shapes and form, Aletheia reinterprets style as an objective truth.

AletheiaAletheia is positioned in the niche of sophisticated experimental fashion luxury goods and targets fashion-sensitive women aged 26-64 with a strong, distinguishable and individual style; they are wealthy, work in creative environments (art, fashion, architecture, design, photography and advertising) and cultivate highly cultural hobbies such as art and literature. The end-users see in Aletheia’s works a reflection of their own style rather than a diktat imposed by others.

Aletheia’s creations are crafted in Parabiago, north of Milan, the most prestigious shoe production center in the world, by a renown producer also responsible for the exclusive production of Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik among other remarkable brands. The trust-based relationship developed with the producer enables the designer to spend up to 3 full days per week at the production plant to personally craft otherwise difficult-to-produce creations at affordable production costs.


Aletheia’s creations reflect Creative Director Diana Carolina Yanes’ international experiences and the stylistic expertise she acquired during partnerships with the fashion maisons Oscar de La Renta and Alexander Wang. The brand is co-founded by Aletheia’s Business Director Francesco Lupis, with past experiences in private equity funds as well as management and strategy roles in a luxury multinational, who oversees marketing, financial and business planning operations.

“I always had a true passion for footwear – says Diana Carolina – I believe it is the element that more than any other conditions elegance and at the same time enables the designer behind the creation to escape from the rising conformism that has ever more influenced accessories during the last 10 years.”

Aletheia-sandalsFollowing the introduction of Aletheia’s previous SS17 collection Metropolitan Dunes, that attracted the attention of the British fashion scene and was selected by renowned distributors such as London’s Harvey Nichols, Diana Carolina now presents Primitivism. Primitivism and the incompatible nature of moral obligations and natural impulses characterize Aletheia’s F/W 2018 collection that, through highly selected materials, plays with the contrasts arising from the duality of the soul. Mules, loafers and ankle boots dressed in hammered veal and velvet and pyramidal heels embody comfort and sophistication for the contemporary woman who wishes to communicate her style and personality.


An endless passion for footwear, the most sophisticated wearable element that more than any other garment establishes elegance, initially sparked my interest for such product. On the other hand, creating a brand emerged from a desire to address the lack of diversity and individuality that afflicts the luxury footwear industry, along with a passion for expressing myself through my creations. In the last 10 years increasingly uniform trends characterized the shoe offering. Consequently, fashion maisons not only detached them- selves from the core products they were initially known for but also brought to market evermore-similar products, collectively. Such tendency fuelled a saturation of fashion companies’ style and product portfolios along with a loss of creativity that ultimately harms the consumer and the overall society in the form of a narrower stylistic choice and lack of positive externalities.


According to a market study and a survey conducted by Aletheia, the most sophisticated segment of the fashion market suffered the most from the style convergence tendency depicted above and is asking for change. End-users belonging to such niche are communicating, for example, a declining interest for sneakers and are gradually demanding a more elegant shoe, still grounded in modern elegance and comfort, but with more feminine elements, such as low heels and high quality leather, that enhance the female silhouette.

My proximity to the producer, and the consequent possibility to oversee in person the production process, motivated me to address the issues and dynamics outlined above. Living in Milan and producing in Parabiago enables me to develop a direct trust-based relationship with each one of the more than a dozen suppliers required to create a high quality shoe – a fundamental premise to any successful project.




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