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Anita Quansah London Spring-Summer 2017 Collection is inspired by indigenous South American tribes such as Kayapo, Paxato, Xingu Indians and Papua New Guineas’ Hulis, Goroka, and Kalams.

Anita-Quansah-London_RayaThis stunning collection of unique handcrafted one of a kind wearable art is intricately curated and highly durable.

As well as being visually enticing, this 2017 Collection explores the natural beauty, colourful and exotic chimes of the varnishing worlds.

Anita-Quansah-London-RaineThis exquisite collection highlights the impact of aggressive globalization, digitization and mass migration of these indigenous tribes and the increasing threats to their sovereign environment.

Each piece from the SS17 Collection is inspired by the rich, vibrant and alluring tones as well as ravishing textures with unusual patterns and motifs.

Anita-Quansah-London-AlluraThey have been intricately handcrafted, painstakingly adorned and embellished with shimmering Swarovski Crystals skilfully pieced together with woven and printed textiles, hand painted glass beads, brass metals, gemstones and delicate feathers.

In an effort to feature and celebrate the underlying beauty, craftsmanship and skills of the indigenous tribes, each piece from the collection is masterfully and intuitively arranged in eye-catching shapes and styles, which aims to highlight the captivating stories that this elegant collection endeavours to portray.



The Designer

Anita Quansah London is one of the luxury accessories brands in the UK. Evolving from her fascinating background as a textile designer and jewellery curator, Anita Horsfall set up her own accessories label in 2006 which has quickly grown into a much admired and coveted collection which is a work of art in itself.

Anita-Quansah-London-KandiyaUsing her own influences from her African/British background, Anita has created pieces which are unique and distinctive, showing a true flair for combining cultural inspirations with wearable, statement pieces which are not only beautiful to behold but also have their own story behind them.

Far from conventional, each piece in the Anita Quansah London collection is made using different elements such as traditional and rare African materials, semi-precious stones as well as pieces of vintage jewellery in order to create new and exciting pieces. Unlike other jewellery collections, each piece from Anita Quansah London is handmade, unique and has a fascinating story behind the design and creation process, giving the wearer the feeling of exclusivity, luxury and knowing that each item made with a passion for the craft.

Anita-Quansah-London-LeireAnita has worked in the fashion industry for a number of years with a wide range of designers including Christian Lacroix, Diane Von Furstenberg, DKNY, Victoria’s Secret and many others and following the launch of the collection has gained international recognition within the industry thanks to appearances in renowned publications such as Elle and Vogue editions from all over the world, French Glamor, Flux, Candid, New African Fashion and the Independent. This reputation as a celebrated luxury women’s accessory designer has earned Anita Horsfall a dedicated following, including celebrities and fashion icons such as Keisha Buchanan, Alicia Keys, Thandie Newton and others.

Anita-Quansah-London-NellaWinning multiple awards for jewellery design, such as 2015 Vogue Italia’s “Who Is on Next” Dubai, with Vogue Talents, Emaar Dubai and Dubai Mall, Anita also unveiled her SS17 collection titled ‘VARNISHING WORLDS’ in October 2016 at Palazzo Morando during Milan Fashion week as one of the five ground breaking designers with Vogue Italia’s “THE NEW GENERATION” in collaboration with Swarovski.



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