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Yojiro Kake is a fashion designer label based in Florence, Italy.


Established by Yojiro Kake since 2013, the studio is based in the ancient city after he graduated from POLIMODA International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing. The brand is consisting of the designer/pattern-maker Yojiro Kake from Amagasaki Japan, the atelier Chisato Tabashi from Japan, direction by Oka HuiYun Lin from Taiwan, and current intern Ryota Sakai from POLIMODA. One may find the label at boutiques named Bjork Florence and La Gare 24 located at the center of Florence, or online platform NotJustALabel.com, Akoon for Middle East and Pinkoi for Asia.


Yojiro – a lover of menswear tailoring – applies the techniques into the collections, classic items for example, shirts, blazers or coats, the details and ideas are vivid yet interesting in between. Like the dreams of kids, this label Yojiro Kake is soaked in moods of ephemeral romance and lost in anxiety. Life itself is inspiration, sentimental people always influence our new design whether from positive or negative energy, we may say it’s a process for Yojiro to express himself in his tongue through the garments.


After finishing high school he went onto study at the Ueda Yasuko school of Fashion in Osaka Japan. For 3 years he pursued the technical skills required in womenswear and menswear techniques. After graduating he worked within a private company as patternmaker and designer. While he still cherished his work he understood that in this area of manufacturing, the only objective was at making a profit.


He soon realized a need to return to study fashion outside of Japan in order to rediscover and establish his own ideas, beliefs and creativity. He left the company and made the life changing decision to study at POLIMODA International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing in Florence Italy, where he is now based.




For more info visit www.yojirokake.com


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