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Last week I attended Scoop International fashion show for the first time and I really enjoyed it.


This event is a fashion trades how which takes place three times a year – February, July and September – at Saatchi Gallery (know for contemporary art) in London.

The February edition presented the key trends of Fall/Winter 2017 collections of more than 250 designers mainly from UK and other European countries.


The atmosphere on the 4 floors of fashion was very easy and friendly even if there were a lot of visitors walking around. Not only I was positively surprised by the famous venue or the large numbers of participants but I was really amazed by the high quality of the products exhibited.


While meeting many new designers, I had the chance to meet and greet some brands which are featured on my blog such as Tissa Fontaneda, Ziio Jewellery, Vanessa Bruno, Nadia Minkoff and Uno de 50.


The products exhibited were clothing, handbags, shoes, jewellery, accessories, perfumes and candles.




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