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This season sees Portuguese jeweller Lia Gonçalves unveil her new jewellery collections.


Designer Lia Gonçalves graduated in Jewellery Design in 2009 and followed this with a Master Degree in Product Design both from ESA/Matosinhos (Escola Superior de Artes e Design).  In 2010 she took the decision to launch her eponymous label.  Basing her work on a contemporary approach Lia Gonçalves shifts between jewellery and design, reflecting her preference for a minimal aesthetic and, at the same time, a deep concern about the functionality of the jewel.

Working exclusively in sterling silver with finish options of natural silver, bleached, golden, oxidized and golden rose, each item is handmade by the designer in her studio in northern Portugal.


Her influences stem from her conceptual research in jewellery making and her pieces combine geometric lines and organic elements with a special care for traditional handcrafted techniques, exploring simple and usable shapes, which the user can often recreate, reinterpret and customize.  The focus of her creations intends to involve and connect directly the ‘other’ emphasizing the relational concept that establishes the boundaries between the inhabited body and the jewel itself.


Her inspiration for each series comes not only from the outside elements, which are part of her surroundings, but also comes from the insignificant, the null and the intangible.  It could be a texture, a movement or simple an idea.  From the concept to final execution, Lia’s passion for handmade work is integral to achieving pieces with unique details and personal signature.  The results are organic and geometric pieces which are inspired by planets and moons, exploring ideas of shape and movement, using three – dimensional forms, textures and movable structures as a conceptual base.


The series includes the Movements Collection, Moon, Craters, Land, Celestial Bodies and the Untitled Capsule Collection which is exquisitely crafted from guitar strings.  All items are handmade in sterling silver, either plain or adorned with small cubic zirconias, volcanic stones and other natural elements.  Each range includes pendants, earrings and pins with removable fittings, as well as individual rings and bracelets which can be freely combined offering the possibility of customization.


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