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Matt Hui, Hong Kong fashion designer creates the “New classic”

Matt Hui, Hong Kong native, at one year old creates art with his amazing knitwear ready to wear collation. With a Bachelor degree in fashion design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a Graduate degree from Royal College of Art in London, he had developed his craft tremendously and  now desired to share his passion with the world.

Matt-Hui_greenandblackThe simplicity and craftsmanship of his garment speak to the true roots of the fashion house. Hui’s work exemplifies luxury and femininity, with a hint of edge and carelessness. Effortless chic.

Matt-Hui_overcoatMatt’s professional expedient began during an internship with Pringle of Scotland in London. He then had the opportunity to grow even more with renowned brands such as Shangai Tang and Johanna Ho.

Matt Hui brand was established in 2014, focusing on bold, clean lines and materials with high quality and special finishing’s.

Matt-Hui_pantsHe creates fashionable clothing that seamlessly combines comfort, style and elegance.

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