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Manhattan Portage is the pioneering brand of authentic messenger bags that can handle the rigors of modern life, made by using only the highest quality materials, superb construction and excellent craftsmanship which are the hallmarks of all Manhattan Portage bags.


Founded over 30 years ago, Manhattan Portage is now well known for its little red label featuring the skyline of Manhattan and has become a widely followed trendsetter in the bag industry for its innovative and practical bag designs.

Manhattan Portage first got started by making high quality bags for the specific needs of the growing bike messenger community in NYC and DJ bags for musicians in the East Village.


In fact, the terms “messenger bag” and “DJ bag” were not widely known until Manhattan Portage bags were introduced to New Yorkers back in 1983. More than 30 years after messenger and DJ shoulder bags have truly become a world-wide phenomenon and the preferred alternative of young urbanites compared to more outdoor-oriented backpacks and professional-looking briefcases.


All Manhattan Portage designs are unisex, and come in a whole rainbow of colors and beautiful fabrics such as waterproof yellow Tarpaulin Vinyl, purple CORDURA® Classic fabric and navy Original Wax by Martexin.


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