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Every season has its must-have bags. We have just finished talking about the buckets bags as the latest trends but now miniature bags are becoming more and more popular among It girls and fashionistas all over the world.

Most of these mini bags are just the small, vey small, version of a standard size totes, shoppings bags, shoulder bags.

Some mini bags have particular, if not strange shapes, vivid colours, funny charms and so on. Also can you even fit a smart phone, the car keys and an extra small cosmetic cases? – these are the basic things I always want to have with me.

As you can see a mini bag could be used as a wallet for the normal size bag.

This is how a mini bag looks on you.


These are the sizes of every bag here listed: 22cm x 18cm x 9cm

Personally I do not find anything extraordinary in these “pocket” bags but fashion is fashion so let’s have a closer look to some of the most fancy ones.



Balenciaga: Papier A4 mini python tote.


Chloe: Drew mini texture-leather shoulder bag


Coccinelle: Mini leather bag B14


Fendi: Baguette micro leather shoulder bag

Furla-mini-bagFurla: Crossbody Magnolia



Armani Exchange: Mini reptile crossbody


Tory Burch: Jessica mini square tote


Rebecca Minkoff: Mini M.AC. clutch


Zara: Metal detail leather mini bucket bag


Michal Kors: Selma mini textured-leather shoulder bag



Coach: Swagger 20 mini texture-leather tote

Fendi’s video about micro bags

Mini or micro bags… another good excuse to purchase a new bag.


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