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Londali is an online fashion accessories brand dedicated to sourcing items from around the world with 8% of the profits going to charities in the country the item is from. Apart from the 8% going to charities in the country of origin, many of the Londali products have been made directly by NGO’s in various countries.


To travel and discover new cultures is one of the most gratifying experiences that a person can have, however due to financial and time constraints, not everybody can experience it, therefore we are presenting you with the opportunity to buy handmade and artisan accessories from around the world, at a fair price, and respecting the local heritage of each product.

Londali was founded by Julie, a nomad with a passion for fashion & travelling. Originally from the island of Zealand in Denmark, she was born in Holland and then spent her school years living in Madrid before moving to London to study Fashion Management at the prestigious London college of Fashion.


Upon graduation after completing internships at Mulberry and Armani, she went on to work as a fashion buyer and product developer for DKNY Jeans at the fashion empire Club21, where her love of travel as well as product sourcing grew with every trip she did for the company. After many years in the company, she decided it was now time to pursue another of her dreams, and therefore quit her job and bought a ticket around the world.

Londali-druzy-quartzThroughout her journey, not only did she discover the most incredible places and met wonderful people, but she also came across beautiful authentic, handmade, local special items, different from the usual commercial mass manufactured items she was used to in her everyday life. Upon her return to Europe, with the help of her husband, she created the brand Londali. With Londali, she aims to merge her passion of travelling and exploring new places with her passion for fashion without forgetting the places she brings the items from, and therefore donating money back to the countries with an aim to give back something to the countries that have given her so much…


When she is not travelling through a remote mountain village in Tibet or hustling through a small market in Rajasthan looking for new Londali products, Julie lives in a small seaside village in Southern Spain with her husband, their baby boy and their 2 dogs.













For more info visit www.londali.com


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