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Always fascinated by the architecture, inspired by structures in which different materials are combined to create composite figures, Vincenzo follows a scientific and mathematical college training.


However at the age of 24 years he decided to follow his other great passion, fashion; and enrolled at the European Institute of Design in Milan. After some work experience in the field of accessories in 2011 he decided to found his line Vs2R.


Vs2R was established in 2011 with the desire to mix a design, structured and of a distinctive geometric connotation with wrapping lines.



An approach and a quasi-scientific rigor tempered and illuminated by a profound sense of plastic and aesthetics.

Attention to detail is focused on the contrasting elements, emphasizing structures rather than decoration.

In a contuing challenge to gravity, stereotypes and limitations of manufacturing shoes.

Vs2R-bootsObsidian Butterfly

The FW13/14 collection plays with contrasting elements, on the dualism between what geometry can communicate and that which is its real contingency.

As if the weightlessness and the ineffability of a butterfly were crystallized in obsidian to reproduce in footwear what Frank O. Gehry realizes in his metal structures.



Vs2R handbags…



For more info visit www.vs2r.com



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