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Loroetu is a new brand established in Milan in 2010 which aims to create authentic and intentionally simple silver 925 jewels with a freshly refined design. Loroetu creations are expression of an artistic universe where the balanced linearity of shapes conveys universal messages – the latter often physically engraved on the former.

Monkey collection: to be rock or not to be? How about being free?Loroetu-Monkey-collection

They are labelled gioielli ribelli -rebel jewels- because they have a voice and bear opinions of their own, often suggesting alternative thinking. They open up one’s imagination and emotional response by carrying statements of awareness which reacquaint humanity with universal values.

The Prince collection: Living life on a swing.. when you least expect a prince is coming.Loroetu-Prince-collectionThe creative and the executive team is composed by Monica Pria – goldsmith / metal designer – and Sabrina Pria -creative and marketing manager.

The Freedom collection: If you put them in a cage, they will tell everyone your ageLoroetu-Freedom-collection

All Loroetu jewels are 925 silver gold or rhodium plated. All the gems are real and never synthetic. The range of price for public sales stands between Euro 200 to Euro 700.

For more info visit www.loroetu.com


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