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That Ambre Babzoe has a poetic instinct for the romance and drama of fashion scarcely bears repeating one more time. Every collection is an obsessively detailed production, from the invitations to the no-expense-spared mise-en-scène and, of course, the clothes, which are usually in the service of defining the ambre  muse(s) of the season. This time, for instance, it was the women of the Bloomsbury Group, the gaggle of artists and writers who dominated cultural life in the UK in the early twentieth century.


It was a subject made for her The Bloomsbury lot were: freethinkers, obsessed with aesthetics, careless with convention. Watching the way Ambre Babzoe played with sequins, collaged fabrics and textures, mixed genders.


For winter Ambre Babzoe went all in with colors: cognac, black and powder that conjured sun-soaked images of the Italian jet set circa the seventies. The  lace mesh and the velvet devoree carried over to her evening looks—silk cocktail dresses,  with sequins, paillettes. The imagination combined with the skill to turn the plain material into something so utterly un-plain.


Welcome  to the journey of the  winter 2014 collection of Ambre Babzoe






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