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The designer, Teija Eilola, was until recently head of womenswear at Ted Baker. Prior to that she worked at a number of smaller labels including Michiko Koshino and is a graduate of RCA.


Teija” is a new British contemporary designer label that was launched at the final of “Fashion Fringe 2012” at London Fashion Week: 



The label has Finnish roots. Outside clothes are strong and structured to resist the climate. Once inside, dresses, tops and jackets are soft, magical and escapist. The resoluteness of outdoor physical work is threaded alongside old mythology and nature. Shapes play with classic and edgy cut at once which makes them great wardrobe builders over the seasons.

Teija garments are built to have something called “garment intelligence”: the cloths are structured to be versatile and adaptable to the climate when necessary. The internal structures are studies to create the best fit and shape, the seams are sealed in outerwear for showerproof finish, the large silhouetted sleeves have in-built wiring for transformable shape.


The design approach is based upon cutting the simplest possible patterns then folding and draping them into forms. Fabrics and construction are designed to last: these are garments that people will return to year after year.

The first collection, shown in September, plays with the subtle balance of draped cotton and linen trimmed with fine leather. Delicate draped and pleated silk gowns embellished with feathered leather artwork. It is elegant, simple, natural and a little wild.

Here is a preview of the Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection.




For more info visit www.teijaeilola.com


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