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For the past 10 years the ingenuous Vanessa Bruno has used her imagination and alternated seasonally between two influences – the folk elegance of her Danish mother, top model in the 70’s and confirmed antique-hunter, and the taste of adventure of her self-taught father who was one of the first to tread the still virgin lands of women’s ready-to-wear.

From these chic bohemian vibes ahead of their time, she has retained the euphoria and distance necessary for those who let nothing stand in their way. During a Canadian escapade, at the age of 18, she discovered the joys of flea markets and vintage men’s wear fabrics (herringbone, flannel) that she was to adapt later for her first women’s wear models. After this, Vanessa Bruno, who also enjoyed a brief career as a model, offered an alternative to the designers who reigned supreme in the 90’s. She cut through and crossed the androgynous spirit of the contemporary woman and post-romantic femininity. Self-possessed, amused, she makes anything possible: from the contemporary reinterpretation of medieval princesses to the confident simplicity of life in the great outdoors, via the more arts and crafts aspect of fashion that casually blends into the contemporary landscape. With her, jaded authenticity recovers its credibility and the hint of reserved audacity seen in her streetwise models willingly rubs shoulders with the great classics (sequined “cabas” tote bags, fluid dresses, lisle knit) which, over time and across the world, have drawn the main lines of the VB stamp;


The garment must speak for itself” as she prettily says. As if for her, woman had come down from her pedestal and was walking nonchalantly among us, supremely down-to-earth yet evanescent. Curious, generous, Vanessa Bruno is freely inspired by the 90’s English music scene, by the volatile energy of Iggy Pop, Patty Smith or Janis Joplin who have recently been followed , in her personal pantheon, by Cat Power, Keren Ann or the lunar angel Feist, who keeps on enchanting us with her crafted melodies. Nothing is incidental with Vanessa Bruno who, above and beyond her collections, roughly sketches out a hybrid and resolutely personal world that she brings into play all the way to her stores in Paris or Tokyo.

It is like being in her home, cradled by soft Scandinavian illusions, in the shade of a blossoming cherry tree or fleshly faded walls. Like her fashion shows and presentations haunted by live bands and post-rock angels, or her hazy images that have dressed her brand for the past few years, signed by mark Borthwick, alternative fashion photographer of a nebulous world inspired by contemporary art.

Vanessa-Bruno-SS-13For a few seasons now, Stephanie Di Giusto has directed films like visual poems about Vanessa Bruno’s world in which muses like Lou Doillon, Valentine Sillol-Cordier, Jessica Joffe or Kate Bosworth are acting.

Athé is the second line of Vanessa Bruno targeting a younger customer profile with affordable prices.

Athé is mainly focused on the young urban fashion girl who chooses her wardrobe with pieces that build the heart of the collection :

Vanessa-Bruno-Athe'Silky feminine dresses, veil cotton romantic shirts, skinny stonewashed color jeans, Milano jersey dresses and to accesorise the Vanessa Bruno sequined tote bag, customised in Athé print or color. With this heart of the collection she adds the key pieces of the season and mixes it into a fashion silhouette.

The Athé girl knows perfectly how to harmonise the bohemian folk with a poetic fragility, key values that are the identity of Vanessa Bruno brand. She twists these elements with the urban essentials of her wardrobe, to express herself with the right energy and freshness.

The Athé girl takes inspiration from the spirit of the Vanessa Bruno main line : the fashion shows, the trends, the films, the editorials and the boutique environments. The collections are conceived as a whole wardrobe every season to be able to offer a girl a total look any moment of her life.

Work and study : urban wear. Time off : casual & leisure. Evening : party silhouettes. To complete each moment of her wardrobe she harmonizes the pieces of the collection into an

Athé silhouette with the codes of the Vanessa Bruno brand: modernising the vintage, feminising the rock and twisting the basics. It is this savoir faire that makes the Athé collections into a fashion silhouette for a young urban girl, living in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo or Seoul.



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