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Enjoy the interview with Dareen Hakim a Lebanese talented designer.

1.  Most of your purses are clutches. Why?  The Dareen Hakim Collection started with a single customizable clutch handbag and we have continued to develop the collection and that concept from there.  A clutch is such a versatile accessory, worn day and night, as a neutral accent or a bold centerpiece of your outfit.  You can never go wrong with any statement clutch, as it is usually an expression of yourself independent of any fashion trends, and truly a statement piece that you can keep pulling out of your closet to accessorize any outfit today or in 10 years.  While we love our clutches, we have expanded into new silhouettes, both smaller and larger, and built upon the signature pieces such as our Le Icon and Le Capri. The collection now features Le Verona, which is a statement day bag, inspired by all the working ladies who need a bag to fit their computer and files, yet still seeking a head-turning unique fashion statement. We also introduced the fresh new Le Icon Pochette, which has become a fast favorite. This bag can be worn as a shoulder bag or across your body for complete practicality and style. 2. What kind of purse should every woman have in her closet? Every woman should have a mid-sized classic silhouette bag, but with a little edge to it, reflecting who she really is.  That kind of piece will last her forever, and will be convertible from day-to-night, keeping her stylish whether she is running around the city in jeans or dressed for a dinner party. Dareen-Hakim-The-Icon-collection3. The so-called IT bags are they really icons or are they just hype? Le Icon bags are just that, Icons. Le Icon was our first and signature bag. It is iconic of our brand and iconic to our customers. I think that creating something so unique and original lends itself to what fashion is meant to be. As a designer, you are meant to design things that people have not seen before while still making it clean and understandable.  The added element of customization allows our customers to choose their leather, color and one of 4 inscriptions (Wisdom & Strength, Live & Laugh, My Love, or Happiness, iconic words to live by) making each bag unique to themselves. 4. What else would you like to designer besides purses? We are always playing with ideas in order to expand our brand into new categories. Right now, I am in the process of developing a charity scarf (see image here below) in collaboration with the artist, Kinda Hibrawi.  We will always continue to bring new and exciting pieces to our customers, but our main love will always be handbags! Dareen-Hakim-charity-scarf 5. Is there another brand you consider extremely good? If so, which one? I personally love Chanel and am inspired by their brand. They are high fashion but specialize in luxurious, ready to wear fashion accessories.  They cater to a women’s taste for elegance with a simple design, and much like my own collection, they create unique pieces without over designing. I like wearing statement pieces, as they’re a reflection of a deep story and a deeper reflection of who you are… a powerful message. 6. When we purchase a purse, what details should we pay attention to? You should pay attention to the materials and the functionality, including the silhouette. For example, I’ll use a material, like fine, delicate, supple leather, with a modern brushed effect and contemporary clean lines, together with an oversized, raw, heavy metal that’s finely craved in an ancient authentic calligraphy. The materials are each of top quality, but the bag is also functionally sized externally and internally, for ease of use and versatility. Dareen-Hakim-clutches7. Does the purse have to match the shoes? If you want them to, but it is definitely not a must. I would consider my style aesthetic contemporary chic, but with an unexpected bold but luxe twist … I know that sounds complicated, but it comes from my Lebanese background where old and new are a daily mix. I am all about statement pieces. I love how one key bold accessory can make the entire outfit. Stand out, be seen, be confident. Wear what makes you feel great and you will have a great time. 8. Quality or quantity? Quality; piece of luxury to make you feel beautiful. Dareen-Hakim-V-collection9. Three adjectives to describe your brand Chic, Bold and Unexpected My collection is meant to be unique and make a statement.  It is for the woman who is confident and worldly and curious… she wants to stand out in a crowd and among her community.  She wants a truly different piece, a piece that says something about herself, while still maintaining a sense of elegance in design. Dareen-Hakim

For more info visit dareenhakim.com


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