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The brand name “Klakina” was founded by fashion designer Jelena Klakina. Jelena is a Russian born Latvian citizen who recently moved to Sweden.

She is a really gifted painter. She expresses colour mix in oil and watercolour with the details via graphics. Jelena graduated from art school and has exhibited a variety of paintings at Schools in Latvia. To date she has mainly sold her work in Latvia, Sweden and England.


Jelena graduated as Master „Clothes and Textile. Design and Technology”. Fashion Design and Marketing lectures at „St. Martin’s university of Art” gave her the inspiration to start her own fashion line.

She has worked with such company as “BABYBJÖRN”. She runs her own textile company. This gives her experience in fabrics to compliment her paintings and run her name brand.

Jelena Klakina makes two seasonal collections per year, actively takes part in many international fashion events: fashion exhibitions „Pure London” in London, „CPM – Collection Premiere Moscow” in Moscow and others.

The company is involved in a long process in which great care is lavished on the details and aspects, colours and materials that have been exclusively designed for the collection. Dresses dominate each collection. The Brand produces seamless knitwear dresses with pure silk sleeves and details. Every piece is made from high quality natural fabrics and manufactured with exquisite craftsmanship skills. Great emphasis is placed on creating new concepts that are distinct from the philosophies of the previous year.

Brand philosophy

What we do today can change the destiny of tomorrow.

The Brand look is “here and now” to expand vision of the future. A world where our art and creativity can form another dimension saturated with spirituality, elegance, beauty and freedom. The Brand aspires for the ultimate result where luxury and sensuality meets new age – chic.

The Woman of today feels great and looks amazing, knows that what goes on the outside is as critical as what goes on the inside. She is in harmony with her visual appearance, inside and outside.

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