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“Despiértame con el sol de tus noches y arrópame  con la luna de tus mañanas”

The spring-summer collection of Avila designer based in Valladolid evokes a modern, self-confident and sensual woman thanks to a wide variety of fabrics proposed in a color palette ranging from dark black like the night to the bright pink for the trousers.

Her proposals are inspired by the twilight, the dark night extended to the zenith and the intense morning sun.

Días de luz, noches de sol. Three colors and textures to shine all the time: pink, red and black.

Black and red squares, Malevich’s geometric harmony now becomes sinuous forms without an unique beauty ideal. Some looks might refer to exotic models without being too flashy. Suggestive as the beauty of the provocation that were proposed by the avant-garde and the artistic experimentation.

The shades of the new collection struggle between light and darkness. The intense black combined with different ranges of pink, from the nude pink to the darker tones, almost red. The final mixture, in an harmonious fusion, causes a stylish and bold visual effect.

Noche del Sol collection stands out  for its woven textiles construction, their ribbons and brocades made of feather tulle composition.

Pink taffeta and iridescent orange crown this evocative collection with party dresses, jumpsuits, short dresses and blouses knotted to the waist for a modern, self-confident and sensual woman.

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