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Fashion designer Lena Santana is launching a glamorous new accessories collection. Made of 100% cotton and unique vintage selections of flowery and lace textiles her colorful accessories take us decades back to a romantic blissful époque.


Lena Santana’s brand new “inception”

The  collection features exceptional fabric necklaces, girly, lively collars , flowery, extraordinary belts, playful sexy turbans and extra-wide  boyish ties that take the place of belt that will bring  a stand-out contemporary look to any outfit.

Lena Santana’s Brazilian origin has always influenced her designs, encapsulating  characteristics of a bold, unique and playful quality. This exceptional new work will run alongside her clothing lines throughout the year and continue her  ethically and environmentally  friendly approach towards fashion.

Every single piece is handmade in the Lena Santana studios in London, guaranteeing the perfect appearance and fit.

 For more info visit www.lenasantana.com


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