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What is ‘Abataba’? 

Abataba is a Spanish brand of unique fashion accessories.

 Who is ‘Abataba’? 

Ana & Marta Vals, two sisters with fashion and art training are the spirit of this brand, designing and creating every ‘abataba’ accessories.

The collections and materials: 

In ‘abataba’ there are no seasonal collections. The main collection is growing continuously, with new pieces every week. Also, our customers can have their own personalized accessories, designed exclusively for them (“personalized orders” category). Each and every accessory is designed and made individually, handmade, and one by one, what makes them unique.

We have three different ranges:

– “Abataba sweet”: a delicious and very special collection full of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, hair accessories… in the shape of cakes, sweets, gummies, macaroons, waffles, biscuits, cookies, croissants, toasts, fruits, chocolates, pancakes, pastry, etc.

– “Abataba”: a sophisticated line with pieces of jewelry made with high quality materials like feathers, mother-of-pearl, silver, beautiful charms, resin, silk, crystal, stones, turquoise, pearls, coral, leather, etc. Beautiful and delicate pieces for unique people!

– “Bags”: handmade leather bags with crystals, turquoises, feathers, silk… Special bags for every occasion!


The inspiration: 

Everything can inspire us! A travel, a picture, an exposition, art, a film… We are everything paying attention to everything!

Where and how obtain ‘abataba’ accessories: 

Our customers can purchase the accessories on www.abataba.com. It’s the easiest and the most comfortable way to buy. They can see the whole collection at their leisure in their own homes or wherever they want and, in a while, they’ll received them everywhere.

They can choose between different currencies and languages and we deliver Worldwide.


For more info visit www.abataba.com



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