Damask fabric shoulder bag

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When I first saw this incredible fabric, I immediately pictured a bag to be made out of it.


This fabric – called Damask – is produced in limited quantity by a French manufacturer. What I really like about this fabric is its peculiarity completely different from those plain, dull fabric used to make standard bags. I love feeling the fabric because it is thick but soft at the same time.

Damask is a reversible figured fabric of silk, cotton, wool, linen or synthetic fibers and it has this matt/gloss effect. To produce this fabric a jacquard loom is used. The name of the fabric derives from the name of the city of Damascus which was part of the silk road in the early Middle Ages. (source Wikipedia)


On this fabric Vanity Fair and other magazines covers are reproduced and all the texts are in French.

The bag was then completely handmade by a local Italian artisan.

I hope I can find some other precious and rare fabrics soon so that I can have other unique accessories made.


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