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Lena Santana is a London based designer who combines interesting textiles with traditional draping techniques to create innovative pieces for the modern woman.

Author of the book, ‘One Piece of Fabric’, Lena’s South American background has influenced her designs to encapsulate characteristics of a bold, unique and playful quality.

Born in Salvador, Brazil, Lena lived in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro before moving to London, where she studied Fashion Design. This cosmopolitan history has enabled Lena to create her own distinctive style, clearly visible in each design.

Her fascination with the techniques behind tailoring and the structure of dress-making, began whilst working as a costume designer. The innovative and dramatic use of materials within her creations is inspired by this field of design.

Lena Santana is a company with strong moral and ethical foundations. Lena’s current interests have been to reuse and rescue vintage fabrics, transforming them into beautifully fitting, conceptual garments with a twist of modern couture.

Inspiration comes in many forms. Travelling around the world has enabled Lena to find inspiration in the unexpected, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. This new perspective allows pure individuality in all aspects of her work.

Lena Santana garments have a respect for quality and an exclusivity that is hard to find within the fashion industry today.

For more info visit www.lenasantana.com


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