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In early 2001, fashion stylist Laura Dotolo just couldn’t find the right bag. They seemed less about a woman’s needs and more about a designer’s image… giant logos, garish bling, signature patterns. What about a woman’s personal style? Does being chic mean giving up tasteful, simple and elegant design?

So she started Clutch Bags. Drawing on her classic New England sensibility and inherited Italian aesthetic, Laura created a line of bags with a clean, classic and utilitarian style. According to Laura, “We take functional ideas and make them our own — an envelope, a mail pouch, a saddlebag and so on. Our designs will outlast any trend or fad. I like to think they’re something women will use for a lifetime.” and also ” I see something on the streets here, I am inspired by that image, I conceptualize how I would translate that idea into a bag, ie what materials and hardware and what shape, then I design the bag and have it manufactured.  All here in NYC.”

Shana Novak is part of a project Clutch Bags is working on presently here in NYC.  Photographers pick any bag from the collection and shoot the bag anyway they want.  Shana is the 2nd photographer to do this.  The first one was Frank Louis who shot the Tek Bag over the holidays:

Clutch Bags NY are all manufactured in NYC. Clutch Bags are conceived in NYC. The bags are inspired, conceptualized and designed here as well…..given birth as you will in the USA, NYC more precisely, thru and thru.

Laura feels very strongly about this and would really like to get this message across the planet.  Clutch Bags supports designers who manufacture in the USA as well.

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