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These are some of the recent ads I see on magazine that really catched me for various reasons: the model, the garment, the location, the logo, the text of the ad, the product.


Bottega Veneta: in this ad I like everything, the outfit, the painting in the back and above all Isabeli Fontana who is one of my favourite model. It makes me think of the past.


Pasquale Bruni: one of the most important Italian jeweller. Here I like how the black and white colour are used to create the snowflakes.

Burberry: again another black and white ad. Very elegant and sophisticated, it is Christmas time almost.

Cartier: the jeweller by definition. I chose this ad because I like the contrast between a cheap material like the red string and the various gold colour of the Love bracelets but all together it looks very nice.

Chanel: the most famous female parfum  ” Two drops of N˚5 and nothing else”.


Etro: the colours of the bags and skirts attracted my attention. I love when colours are mixed together so wisely.


Fendi: perfect fall ad.  Very feminine, stylish and glamorous.


Gucci: dreaming about next summer. Wonderful, the flowers are so evocative, I can smell their perfume.

Missoni: this would be my style.  I simply love the long wollen jacket and the orange background. Chic!

Le Pandorine: so funny, the two dogs are so cute. The motto on the bag: The important thing is not to be tall but to be up.


Please: so easy going, so fresh  – this outfit would be my favourite if I was 20 years old… but I am not anymore.

Sodini always creates very trendy but wearable bijoux. Love them.

Versace: the countdown has started – Thursday 17th November in more than 300 stores the very best of Versace capsule collection for H&M.


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