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The sunlight reflecting in the golden church cupola, dazzling rainbow tinted and precious gems sparkling on the Tsars attire, the luxuriously coated bibles and icons that have all been preserved until this very day in Moscow’s Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral on the Red Square are the source of Ekaterina Kukhareva’s inspiration for her AW 2011/12 Collection.

Putting emphasis on her Ukrainian and Russian roots, she has created alluring yet glamorous pieces, perfect for the festive season. Anew, Ekaterina Kukhareva has succeeded in dressing the queen of today, using her talent to reinvent her inspiration from the past, to flatter the modern women of today.

Immerse into a treasure-trove of intriguing knitted evening wear – a rich mix of Tsar’s ornate pieces. A compilation of hand worked macramé and crochet technique add elaborate glamour to the entire collection and make the timeless pieces stand out. Jacquard and weaving techniques form the structure of the fabrics to create a manifestation of opulence.

The colour palette of Russian red, rose pink, chocolate brown, black, silver and gold compliments beautifully together to create a collection of luxurious clothes. Machine knitted fabrics consisting of top quality Italian viscose and wool yarn mixed with Lurex add shine and glimmer to the fabrics.

Sleek silhouettes are sculpted with carefully thought out pattern cutting technique to craft desirable shapes in knitwear. Ekaterina Kukhareva’s aim is to make knitwear glamorous and luxurious using techniques from elegant lace to chunky macramé to channel your inner glamour. Seductive cocktail dresses, lavishing floor length looks, bold scarlet red lace and ruffles will transform you from a demure and romantic to a modern and seductive Tsaritsa.



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