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Adornment is one of the oldest forms of self-expression and NevaeH Jewelry takes great pleasure in providing people with exotic and vibrant opportunities to express their “true colors”. The materials used in items from our collections are customizable from a selection of premium metals and gemstones that gives you the ability to coordinate every detail of your own unique look.  We specialize in manufacturing one of a kind, custom jewelry from concept to finished product.  By combining the use of modern technology, and the skills of old world craftsmanship we are able to produce the highest quality of jewelry available.

Fashion and style are always the main motivation for every design and in that spirit lives our proud history of producing jewelry to commemorate the most important moments in your life. Honored to be a part of those moments, NevaeH Jewelry feels a tremendous sense of duty to ensure quality products that will last a lifetime. The designer and jewelers work in unison, putting their hearts into every piece of jewelry.

NevaeH Jewelry is psychedelic, romantic, hip, luxurious, trendsetting, contemporary, and stands as a beautiful reflection and symbol of the never-ending significance of personal and universal love. NevaeH Jewelry employees are passionate about the industry and have immense knowledge about the history, trends, and technical information which factors into their profound understanding of where the future of jewelry is headed.

Being members of this global community full of invisible borders, NevaeH Jewelry understands the importance of being a socially and environmentally conscious company. All the materials that are used to produce our jewelry are sourced from conflict free environments. All our jewelry is handcrafted in New York City by incredibly skilled and experienced jewelers. Theodore Mander, Owner/Designer of NevaeH Jewelry is personally involved with every step of the process from design, to selection of raw materials, even packaging, to ensure that all the elements of the business comply with the highest standards of excellence.

Designer Biography

Born 1985 in New York City by Richard Mander and Helena Carratala, Theodore Mander was exposed to fashion and business at an early age. Helena made a name for herself in the fashion industry after releasing her line Azabache in the Philippines. Since Theodore’s birth Helena and her friends taught him about style, design, and pushing boundaries. Richard the owner of a New York City general contracting company, a custom furniture-maker, and former staff of Sister Parish (the grand dame of interior design) always insisted that Theodore maintained a hard work ethic, stayed reliable, and learned the value of a hard earned dollar.

Constantly traveling the world and moving between areas of Long Island and New York City he was exposed to a diverse range people and lifestyles, which influenced him in many ways. In his early teenage years Theodore became passionately involved in art, and hip hop culture including graffiti, break dancing, rap, and DJing. Besides hip hop he is also a fan of all forms of artistic expression including fashion, dance, fine art, film, literature,  and is constantly inspired by cultures through out his life. While traveling the world and moving between areas such as New York City and Hampton Bays he was exposed to a diverse range people and lifestyles, which influenced him in many ways.

After graduating high school Theodore studied for two semesters at Hunter College in New Yor City. Although he enjoyed his classes he felt that none of the subjects captured his interest to pursue as a career. Knowing his love for Art and Fashion his mother Helena suggested that he take classes in Jewelry Design after studying Colored Stones at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) while designing a line of fashion jewelry. Theodore discovered he had the ability to combine his love of art and design with his trendsetting style. Fascinated by the technicality, and beauty of Gemstones he decided to further his education by earning his GG (GIA Graduate Gemologist) diploma teaching him to grade and identify Diamonds and other Gemstones.

While studying Gemology Theodore began developing NevaeH Jewelry after one of his friends expressed interest in producing one of his designs that at the time was just a rendering. Theodore at that point had to source the gems they needed, and then found someone who manufactured jewelry that could help make his concept a reality.  The ring was made, and from there on Theodore was on a mission to expand his knowledge. Once he graduated Theodore worked for a start up online jewelry store where he was responsible for processing and shipping orders and all specialized sales. Working there he learned about the business of the jewelry industry, and the growing world of e-commerce. After two years Theodore decided to broaden his experience and went to work for a designer jewelry manufacturer and Diamond importer where he was responsible for special orders and customer service for various accounts including the top jewelry stores and boutiques in the nation.  He gained a deep understanding of the manufacturing process and what it takes to have a well established designer brand.

Theodore used the knowledge from his experiences and studies to effectively promote and build his brand, he realized with the increasing relevance of the internet in our society that social networking websites such as Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter were a great avenue for networking and promoting the company. NevaeH Jewelry was one of the first jewelry companies to do so which is now a common practice. Theodore made short teaser videos featuring products that he posted on YouTube, which now have been viewed by thousands of people around the world, and changed the way companies viewed the possibilities of promoting ones brand on the Internet. Theodore is a very social character and has worked with many fashion stylists, and celebs such as Christina Milian, David Hasselhoff, Siri Tollerod, Olivia, Shiest Bubz, UnKasa, and more. NevaeH Jewelry been featured in Rap-Up Magazine, OFW Magazine, Star Magazine, and many other forms of media and press. After much praise and demand NevaeH Jewelry developed two finished collections that are now available internationally as of October 2010.

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